Brisbane Smoke Alarms Services

At Brisbane Smoke Alarms we provide the following services:

  • Annual Smoke Alarm Servicing (See our pricing options for more details);
  • Maintenance;
  • Cleaning, repair, testing,
  • Installation;
  • Compliance checks;
  • Upgrades to meet Australian Standards;
  • Compliance reports.

Smoke Alarm Testing and Installation Brisbane and Northern Suburbs

Smoke alarms are a crucial device for attending to duty of care requirements and ensuring your family, tenants and occupants are properly protected from the risks associated with fire.

Fire safety is serious business, and compliance and maintenance of smoke alarms should be carried out by skilled technicians.

Testing and installation of smoke alarms is made easy by using the skilled team at Brisbane Smoke Alarms.

We have comprehensive knowledge of current Qld legislative requirements and technology trends. We ensure your premises is safe and compliant is a stress free and cost-effective manner.

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