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Smoke Alarm Installation

Ensure your safety and that of your property from fire by having Brisbane Smoke Alarms expert install photoelectric smoke alarms. Under the Fire and Emergency Service (Domestic Smoke Alarms) Amendment Act 2016 and the Building Fire Safety (Domestic Smoke Alarms) Legislation Amendment Regulation 2016, landlords in Queensland are required to take more responsibility and provide a higher level of safety in rented properties.

Why Professional Smoke Alarm Installations Are Necessary

You can never be too vigilant or prepared when it comes to your safety and that of your loved ones. Professional smoke alarm installation in Brisbane is your best defense against smoke and fire hazards. Professional installation ensures that your smoke alarms are appropriately mounted and functional.

It’s also crucial to inspect your smoke alarms regularly to ensure they’re working correctly. We can test and tag your electrical items simultaneously to assure their safety. Professional smoke alarm inspection involves more than just replacing the battery. It includes actual testing of the system in smoke situations.


The number of injuries and deaths caused by smoke inhalation considerably reduces when smoke and fire are detected early in a residence. A certified and well-installed smoke alarm installer can install and maintain these life-saving devices in your home, ensuring you’re informed as soon as possible in case of a fire so you can escape.

You can book regular maintenance for your smoke alarms, so you don’t have to worry about it. We assure you that your house and family are safe from the hazards of smoke inhalation by verifying that your alarms are functioning correctly.

Every photoelectric Brisbane smoke alarm installation must be hardwired to your home’s main power supply or powered by a 10-year non-removable lithium battery.


Installers of smoke alarms must connect each notice in the residence so that when one goes off, they all go off. This is the most secure and reliable way of alerting the residents of the fire as soon as possible.

Installers of smoke alarms can connect them using either a wired or wireless connection. New legislation makes smoke alarm installation in QLD necessary and reliable for properties. When the batteries in the smoke alarm run out, they can no longer be used in the remote.

Do you need assistance with fire alarm and smoke detector upgrades or installation? We have level 2 electricians available for our 24-hour emergency electrician service. Contact us today

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