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Our professionals at Brisbane Smoke Alarm are skilled electricians who can install, upgrade, repair, and test your smoke alarms. Your smoke alarm is one of the most crucial safety elements in your home and can save your life in the event of a house fire. For this reason, it is worthwhile to replace old smoke alarms. If you live in an older home, your smoke alarm in Brisbane may need to be updated, or you may need more.

Do not put your family or employees in danger of a fire. Brisbane Smoke Alarm offers skilled guidance and on-site smoke alarm examinations in your home or business. Our electricians provide smoke alarm solutions for all your needs, from assessment and hardwired installation to maintenance or repair of your old smoke alarms to suit all requirements.


Smoke alarms in Brisbane are required by Queensland law to be installed on each floor of your home, in all bedrooms, and in hallways that connect bedrooms to your entire property. If there isn’t a hallway between the bedrooms, an alarm should be installed between the bedrooms and the other rooms on that floor. We install, upgrade, and repair smoke alarm systems in all types of residences in compliance with applicable legislation.

Constant beeping, no beeping (despite smoke), or nothing happening when you click the test button are all signs of a problem with your smoke alarm. If you have a problem with your smoke alarm, first look for dirt, dust, or debris on the device’s vent. If the duct is not obstructed by debris and the battery doesn’t need to be replaced, contact our electricians for a thorough evaluation.

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Why choose Brisbane Smoke Alarm?

Brisbane Smoke Alarm is built on customer satisfaction, repeat customers, and referrals.

That’s why we place great attention on our customer service, and our Service Guarantee will give you, the customer, peace of mind that you will always be looked after.

Our Service Guarantee includes the following:

A well-working smoke alarm system will keep your family safe. For upgrades, installation, repairs, and testing, contact Brisbane Smoke Alarm now or fill out our online electrician booking form.

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