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SMOKE ALARM Maintenance


Smoke Alarm Maintenance

A smoke alarm is a vital component of any home. Installing it in your home significantly minimizes the risk of injuries and deaths if a house fire starts. Brisbane Smoke Alarm offers a team of specialists to assist you with smoke alarm installation in Brisbane.

Examining and maintaining your smoke alarm regularly is also an excellent idea to ensure it’s in good working order. A smart photoelectric smoke alarm detects the first traces of smoke and alerts you so that you can escape. Without a smoke alarm, your sense of smell may not detect smoke as you sleep, and you might get overcome by toxic fumes. We can install interconnected alarms throughout your home to ensure you are alerted no matter where you are.

A light sensor is used in photoelectric smoke detectors. When smoke particles cross the light, the alarm is triggered. These smoke alarms are the most advanced in the industry, providing property owners with the earliest warning if a fire has started.

Is the smoke alarm in your property malfunctioning or failing? If so, you are probably due for an inspection and fire safety assessment. Brisbane Smoke Alarm is here to assist you. We often work with commercial organizations like yours to provide safe, reliable, and compliant fire safety setups.

Servicing and Maintenance for Your Smoke Alarms in Brisbane

Smoke detectors may only save lives if kept in good working order. You must check your smoke alarms regularly and have them serviced at least once every 12 months. Brisbane Smoke Alarm offers smoke alarm servicing and maintenance packages all over Brisbane and North Lakes. Here’s how to keep your smoke alarms in good working order:


All smoke alarms installed must be tested and serviced regularly. The property owner is responsible for maintaining a fire-safe environment for both owner-occupied and rental places, with severe penalties for noncompliance. Contact us immediately with any questions about smoke alarm replacement or to discuss how the new legislation affects you and your home.

Brisbane Smoke Alarm offers smoke alarm installations, servicing, and maintenance throughout Brisbane. If your smoke detector is malfunctioning, broken, or old, do not hesitate to contact a professional for a new smoke alarm installation. We are professional electricians with extensive years of industry experience, and our team is always available to assist you with your electrical needs.

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