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Smoke Alarm Testing

The discovery of fire in the Stone Age transformed the world, propelling people forward and permanently altering their lives. Today, we use fire in various ways, many of which are beneficial but require careful safety management. The potential for a fire starting in a kitchen is always present due to electrical appliances and other factors. Fortunately, several precautions can be taken to ensure that if a fire does occur, it can be detected and managed immediately and successfully. Smoke alarms are one such preventative device that has been developed.

The new QLD legislation, as outlined in the Fire and Emergency Service (Domestic Smoke Alarms) Amendment Act 2016 and the Building Fire Safety (Domestic Smoke Alarms) Legislation Amendment Regulation 2016, requires Queensland landlords to take more responsibility and ensure that rented properties provide a higher level of safety.

Why are smoke alarms critical?

Every year, about 20,000 house fires happen in Australia. When smoke alarms are properly installed, correctly located, and function as they should, they can save lives. However, one in every three homes we visit for the first time lacks a working smoke alarm, putting tenants’ lives in danger. Annual servicing of smoke alarms is recommended nationally and mandated in several states to reduce this risk.

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How often should your smoke alarm be inspected?

Hiring a professional to test your smoke alarm regularly may seem like a significant investment, especially if you have gone a long time without an incident. However, the costs will be more than justified if a fire starts. You can never be sure that you will be able to detect a fire on time if you do not perform regular testing. Thus, testing is a valuable investment.

On the other hand, alarm batteries must be checked monthly to ensure they are in good working order, and lead or alkaline batteries need to be changed every six months. Furthermore, keeping a smoke alarm dust-free ensures it continues to function properly.

Expert Smoke Alarm Testing Services in Brisbane

Smoke alarms have been a part of our world for several decades. The simplicity of their design has been updated and tweaked over time, but this highly effective safety device proves its worth in homes and companies across Australia every year.

Our professionals perform smoke alarm testing in Brisbane to provide our customers with peace of mind that the possibility of a fire breaking out without them knowing is low. Our expert testers take all necessary measures to accurately assess the effectiveness of each device and provide complete reports to back up their work.

Smoke detector and fire alarm

We arrive at your location and work for you with a combined experience of over 150 years. Our friendly and efficient team is committed to fully complying with the applicable legislation, rules, and regulations in each state where we work. Therefore, we take the burden of meeting the standards in your place of business or the properties you rent or own off your shoulders.

At Brisbane Smoke Alarms, we believe in supporting our safety technicians every step of the way. They are thoroughly trained and insured, and above all, they are committed to making homes and businesses safer places to live and work.

At Brisbane Smoke Alarms, customers are significant to us. This means we enter into contractual relationships to create goodwill, achieve beneficial outcomes, and engage in responsible corporate and social behavior. We understand and appreciate the importance of the community in raising fire safety standards, and we strive to do it reliably and professionally at all times.

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