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Are your smoke alarms compliant in your rental property?

All leased rental properties in Queensland must now comply with Queensland smoke alarm regulations from January 1, 2022, which is why knowing smoke alarm compliance for rental properties is a MUST.

As a renter, you should be aware of the change in the law as well as your new obligations in terms of fire safety. If you are unsure whether your rental property is smoke alarm compliant, here are some details about Queensland smoke alarm legislation that you should know.


Smoke Alarm Legislative Requirements in Queensland

Since smoke alarms are required in all rental homes in Brisbane, you must ensure that they are all interconnected. All other smoke alarms must sound when one alarm is activated to meet the new legislative standards. Smoke alarms in Queensland must also meet the following specifications:

Testing of Smoke Alarms

How often should you check the smoke alarms in your rental properties in Queensland? Every smoke alarm must be tested and cleaned within 30 days of the start of a tenancy. Following that, it is essential to have the smoke alarms properly maintained once a year to avoid legal liability in the event of an emergency.

Person in Charge of Smoke Alarms in Rentals

As previously stated, renters are legally required to ensure that their rental premises comply with the current Queensland smoke alarm legislation. Otherwise, the property may not be eligible for lease, and fines may be issued. Property owners can accept legal liability and put themselves to the test. However, it is not recommended, and you must ensure it does not void any property insurance.


Furthermore, if a rental home was not recently built or renovated, each existing smoke alarm may need to be replaced to ensure compliance.

It should also be noted that interconnected photoelectric alarms are now required, with each bedroom and property story having its alarm. Visit the Queensland Government’s residential tenancy authority website for further information on complying with the new Queensland smoke alarm regulations and fulfilling all health and safety criteria.

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