Option 1
$69 per year – BRONZE Annual Smoke Alarm Service

  • Carry out annual smoke alarm compliance inspections;
  • Service, clean and maintain all smoke alarms in one location;
  • Change 9 volt batteries where requires;
  • Ensure smoke alarms meet Australian Standards;
  • Relocate incorrectly placed alarms;
  • Replace any faulty or expired alarms if required by legislation*;
  • Send compliance report following each inspection.


Option 2
    $89 per year – SILVER Annual Alarm Service

    • Inspect, clean and maintain all existing smoke alarms;
    • Replace any expired, faulty or damaged alarms to ensure compliance with legislation*;
    • Install additional alarms to comply with legislation*;
    • Replace 9 volt batteries where required;
    • Ensure decibel output of each alarm meets Australian Standards;
    • Relocate incorrectly positioned alarms;
    • Ensure alarms have not reached expiry date;
    • Check alarms meets Australian Standards and Queensland legislative requirements;
    • Check connections on 240 volt hard-wired smoke alarms for sufficient supply.
  • Option 3
    $119 per year – GOLD Annual Alarm Service

    • Ensure compliance with Fire and Rescue Services (domestic smoke alarms) Amendment At 2016;
    • Unlimited compliance inspections in a 12 month period and reattendance at property where alarm is beeping;
    • Service, clean and maintain current alarms;
    • Ensure alarms meet Australian Standards;
    • Replace or install 240 volt or 10 year lithium battery powered, retro fitted, radio frequency photoelectric interconnected smoke alarms* in locations required under the legislation;
    • 5 year warranty on all installed alarms;
    • Compliance Report following inspection.

    *Please note that where smoke alarms, are missing or damaged, or where a new device is required, the costs of each individual device is in addition to our annual fee.