New Smoke Alarm Installation

Safety always comes first. Professionally installed smoke alarms.

The famous idiom “prevention is better than cure” is most appropriate when it comes to fire-safety and fire-damage. Fire alarms smoke detectors are a must-have in your home and office. They are recommended by all local authorities because they save lives. The government of Australia has issued laws regarding the placement of smoke alarms in residential buildings.

If a fire starts while you’re sleeping, an alarm will sound waking up your family so that you can escape unharmed. Everyone thinks that disasters like a house fire will not happen to them, but there are over 11,300 house fires each year across Australia. More than 60 deaths occur each year and the majority of these happen during the evening hours from 9pm to 6am.

What Is a Smoke Alarm?

A smoke detector is a device that is used to detect smoke indoors to indicate the presence of a fire and will trigger an alarm sound to alert anyone inside the building to evacuate.
A smoke detector consists of two parts – A sensor to detect smoke and a horn to alert people the presence of smoke. Most of the smoke detectors operate using either a 9-volt battery or a 120-volt electrical house current.

How often should I test my smoke detectors?

It is recommended that you should get an expert such as Brisbane Smoke Alarms to accurately test your fire alarms smoke detectors. This is because we will be able to thoroughly examine both the smoke sensor in your unit and the horn sound. It’s critical to note that you should test your smoke detectors on a monthly basis. What’s more, you should have the batteries replaced at least twice a year.
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